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Rod and Karen met in elementary school, have been together since they were 16 and married in 2002. They talk about their teenage courtship, and Rod has a story about something serious that happened at his high school. (CN: Discussion of sexual assault). Then The Bartender talks with Ash, whose relatives go back generations in the cigar business. She talks about her family, and then gives a masterclass in all things cigars.

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Forest Ray was an Army medic in Iraq at the beginning of the war. He talks with The Bartender about the people he met there, cultural similarities and differences, how he felt about leaving, and his thoughts about what's happening currently in Afghanistan with the US troop withdrawal. They also briefly unpack their feelings about Jeff Bezos's penis rocket.

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Have you ever exacted revenge on a bad person, but maybe didn't know how to do it right? Our anonymous guest walks us through a vengeance story that probably should have been handled by experienced tire-slashers, but it was handled nonetheless. PLUS a beautiful song and tribute to DMX from Katharine's elementary school friend Keefe Crawford with The FreeStylists .

CN/TW There is a part of the episode where we discuss sexual assault.

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Molly Knefel shares a never before told story involving very serious health problems she encountered while receiving IVF treatment. Then Hilary Asare tells The Bartender about her horrible experience with a certain diet company who shall not be named (kidding, it's totally named). Plus, pandemic adventures!

(CN for discussion of IVF and and assisted reproductive technology, and talk of weight and diet programs)

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Shaving, amirite? Guests Katie Hartman and Rob Neill each tell stories about some very sensitive hair removal experiences. The Bartender hard relates.

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The Bitchy Waiter makes a triumphant return to talk about being a server during COVID, customers and vaccines (oh my), and Kyra Sims joins The Bartender to tell a story about several first times... in one night.