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In this episode, we hear a story from Myq Kaplan about this one time he did this one drug, and Lindsey Carter shares with us what happens when you do more than one drug. PLUS listener shout outs, a drink recipe, and some fun news about musician Ted Leo, who is the inspiration for the title of this podcast.

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In this Episode:

We did a full length live show at Union Hall and it was wonderful! Many thanks to our incredible guests Lizz Winstead (Co-Creator of the Daily Show, Activist, Awesome Person) and Michael Snow (CBS's Survivor, also Awesome Person).

Tweet Heat: Lizz Winstead shares a story about the time she got into a bit of trouble on the Twitter machine, plus she shares a very special Minnesota story for the Macalester College alums in the house!

So Many Jeans:  Before Michael Snow knew he was gay, he tried to have sex with a woman. It didn't go so well. And a short story about Survivor behind the scenes!

PLUS Katharine tells a story, we play "Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice" with a real life Matty Blake, and an audience member joins us for the new game, "Bar Talk"!

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In this episode, we talk with two transgendered people. Lauren Hennessy identifies as a male in a female body who explains why he is not transitioning. Jack Katz explains how and why he is. PLUS shout outs to Katharine's biggest tippers and a new drink recipe!

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