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Jason, a musician and writer from Ontario, Canada, got sick and ended up in the hospital. He came out of a coma to find he had lost the use of his body. Jason talks about his path, being in a wheelchair, and how humor is always ok. Then Laura shares her story about taking risks, ignoring naysayers, and compares notes with The Bartender about being a fellow empath.

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Callie and her boyfriend were offered to take free professional couples photos, but they broke up the day before the shoot. So when life gave her lemons, she made pizza.

Then T joins The Bartender to talk about acting, their temporary stint as a Jehovah's Witness, and... vampires.

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When he was in his early 20's, David soon realized that being a writer in LA was a lot harder than he thought. But everything changed one day when he walked into a vintage record store.

CN: this conversation has talk of depression and suicidal ideation

About The Guest:

David Nadelberg is a writer, producer, host, and all around a lovely person. He is the creator of Mortified, a storytelling show where people share embarrassing letters, notes and poems things they wrote as kids. His six episode docuseries, The Mortified Guide, is now available on Netflix.

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Derek Rosenfeld and Tommy McDonald from the The Drug Policy Alliance join The Bartender to talk about various obstacles they've experienced working to end the war on drugs. Derek recounts one bizarre tactic to deter a peaceful protest that involved dead fish, (not to be confused with his favorite band Phish), and Tommy recalls celebrating one of the proudest accomplishment of his career during one of the worst nights of his life.

PLUS Katharine shares audio of a beautiful speech her sister gave while accepting an award on behalf of her law firm's pro-bono work for helping abused women and children! UNFORTUNATELY the audio also caught a sexist remark from a nearby attendant/colleague about her sister's personal appearance as she took the stage to share an emotional story about their abusive father. So Katharine ends the episode with her feelings about that.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to understudy four roles in a national tour of a Tony award winning Broadway show? Performer Rob Neill joins The Bartender to talk about his touring adventures with Peter and the Starcatcher, why art is more than just a career, what Tom Hanks is like in the event of an emergency, and then accidentally reveals that he babysat for someone very special (to Katharine).

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Nessa Norich, awesome person and fellow New York Neo-Futurist, joins The Bartender to talk about ancestral trauma, how to move forward when there's a familial elephant in the room, and smashing the f@#k out of patriarchy. Then she sings a beautiful song she wrote. 

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What do you get for the man who had everything? Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman from the hit web series Flatbush Misdemeanors join The Bartender to talk about creating content, working with kids, and the time they bought comedian Kevin Hart a gift that maybe wasn't the best idea at the time.

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Vanessa Potter woke up one morning and found herself blind and unable to walk. Hear her talk about recovery, facing fear, and hearing colors. YES, HEARING COLORS. Then Melissa Divaris Thompson shares a story about giving birth to her first child, and the lack of “industry of support” around pregnancy and parenthood.

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