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In this episode:

Marty Scanlon talks about "The Curry Man" who visits you in your sleep. This is real. And Sally Tamarkin shares a very personal tale about meeting her life long hero under the worst circumstances. PLUS The Bartender tells a story about meeting one of her personal idols AND listener shout-outs, info for some of The Bartender's live shows, and an announcement of a new podcast Katharine will be co-hosting!

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In this episode:


Michael Izquierdo went to Canada to relax and work on some creative projects. Canadian immigration had a different idea about who he was. And Jenny Jaffe joins The Bartender to talk about what happens when you don't read the instructions on edible pot chocolate. Let's just say she wasn't quite herself. Sadly, the Canadians didn't get involved.

PLUS listener shout outs, Keith and the Girl and Citizen Radio shout outs, and news about the next live show on August 14th!

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