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Brokedown Dorm Room: Dylan Marron tells us about the time he was caught in a pretty serious drug bust, unbeknownst to him.

UCBanned: Jake Hart was banned from the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater for a year. He'll explain why.

PLUS listener shout outs!

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The bartender is joined by Mara Wilson and Wyatt Cenac for a very special live show about relationships. PLUS listener shout outs, and we play Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice with Matty Blake! Recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY.

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In this Episode:

Patti Cleary was in her Junior year of college when she noticed something new and different about her backside. She walks us through the very delicate ins and outs of having a pilonidal cyst. Recorded in St. Paul Minnesota!

Charlie Kasov was given Zoloft (an antidepressant), among other things, back when it was still being tested on teenagers. Things didn't go so well.

PLUS, news about the LIVE show on May 8th with Wyatt Cenac and Mara Wilson, and listener shout outs! Like what you hear? Tip me! Or give the show 5 stars!

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In this Episode:

Evan Davis recalls the first time he did comedy, had sex, and got drunk. This did not all happen in one night.

Coree Spencer tells about the first time she moved out of her house due to impossible circumstances, and found herself homeless at 17.

PLUS, news about the LIVE show on May 8th with Wyatt Cenac and Mara Wilson, and listener shout outs! Like what you hear? Tip me! Or give the show 5 stars!

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In this Episode:

Mark Duffy worked in the World Trade Center for 20 years until September 11th, 2001. His son Chris was in school, just a few miles away. The two talk about that day and how they finally found their way home.

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On this very special live episode recorded at Union Hall, Brooklyn, the Bartender talks to Janeane Garofalo about comedy, the Puppy Bowl and her new show idea, and the very talented Chris Morris shares a very personal story. PLUS we play Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice with Dan Schachner!

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In this special short episode, we talk to Jen Collier, a comedian in London. Last week she received an email that told her she was being pulled from a show because there were "too many women" on the bill. Jen tweeted a screenshot of the email and it quickly went viral. Jen joins the bartender to talk about her sudden online fame, being a woman in comedy, and what it feels like to have Sarah Silverman on your side.

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In this Episode:

Mike Blejer was 11 years old when his au pair started sexually abusing him. After we hear his story, he talks about how common sexual assault is and why survivors are often hesitant to talk about it. The Bartender then shares her own experience with being molested, and why she hasn't publicly addressed it until recently. PLUS, news about the second guest for the live show with Janeane Garofalo on March 5th, and listener shout outs! 

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In this Episode:


Corey tells the story about the time he received communion in a church AND a Bar Mitzvah in a van, Libby introduces a new boyfriend to an eccentric family member, and the bartender herself talks about reuniting with her kindergarten sweetheart. PLUS, news about the Live Show/BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA on March 5th, a drink recipe, and listener shout outs!

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In this Episode:

Micah tells us about his most difficult heckler (and the life lesson in the bathroom that followed it), and Cecelia shares a short story about her experience with race relations during her time in the Dominican Republic. It involves her dog. PLUS, the first guest is announced for the live show/BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA on March 5th, and a new drink inspired by a friend! 

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